Thursday, July 1, 2010

As the World Turns

So What to the Smart people think?

John Horgan, director of the Stevens Institute of Technology Center for Science Writings –

"My students confirm one of Chris’s points: it’s often the smartest and
best-informed who are the most skeptical of global warming
. Unfortunately, classroom dialogue usually makes them dig in deeper rather than bringing them around to the “right” (i.e, my own) point of view. "
Is Homosexual Marriage a Human Right?

According to the the European Court of Human Rights the answer is no.

European nations do not have to allow same-sex marriage, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled, though gay rights groups claimed a partial victory Friday because the court acknowledged growing agreement that their relationships should be recognized in law.

Seven judges at the European court ruled unanimously that two Austrian men denied permission to wed were not covered by the guarantee of the right to marry enshrined in Europe's human rights convention.

Coloradans favor an Arizona Immigration law for Colorado

61% of people polled favor an Arizona type immigration law for Colorado. 34% oppose it and 5% are undecided. Once again, the Democrat party finds itself on the wrong side of public opinion. November is going to be a nightmare for you if you are a Democrat.

Independent voters are now indistinquishable from Republicans

Earlier this month, Resurgent Republic conducted focus groups in five key House districts, measuring how independent voters and, separately, self-identified tea-party members felt about the direction of the country.

What they found wasn't simply bad news for President Obama and congressional Democrats, but simply dismal news. Asked to compare Obama to a car, one Iowan chose an Edsel: “Something that had a lot of hype, but failed to live up to expectations.” Another older man described Obama as “a wrecked Ferrari, something that looked great to many people, but was now ruined.”

“Independents are now thinking about the same issues that Republicans are, and their thinking is virtually indistinguishable from Republicans,” he said. “Independents are really engaged, they are really paying attention. That is not normal; usually independents are a little tuned out.”

Better Late Than Never

On June 29, over seventy days after the Gulf oil spill, the U.S. Department of State released the following statement:

"The National Incident Command and the Federal On Scene Coordinator have
determined that there is a resource need for boom and skimmers that can be met
by offers of assistance from foreign governments and international bodies. The United States will accept 22 offers of assistance from 12 countries
and international bodies
, including two high speed skimmers and fire
containment boom from Japan. We are currently working out the particular
modalities of delivering the offered assistance. Further details will be
forthcoming once these arrangements are complete."

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