Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nothing but bad news for someone

Are you a snob or a slob

Remember that question? Well the I-pad may be bringing it back.

It’s not exactly official, but should also surprise no one: According to a
new study the psychological profile of iPad owners can be summed up as “selfish
elites” while have-not critics are “independent geeks.”

Americans going to the Doctor's less

This may sound like good news (and in one sense it is), but in the article they attribute it to the economic downturn.

Insured Americans are using fewer medical services, raising questions about
whether patients are consuming less health care as they pick up a greater share
of the costs.

The drop in usage is showing up as health-care companies
report financial results. Insurers, lab-testing companies, hospitals and
doctor-billing concerns say that patient visits, drug prescriptions and
procedures were down in the second quarter from year-ago levels.

"People just aren't using health-care like they have," said Wayne DeVeydt, WellPoint Inc.'s chief financial officer, in an interview Wednesday. "Utilization is lower than we expected, and it's unusual."

Economist grow gloomier about the Economy

The U.S. economic recovery will remain slow deep into next year, held back
by shoppers reluctant to spend and employers hesitant to hire, according to an
Associated Press survey of leading economists.

The latest quarterly AP Economy Survey shows economists have turned gloomier in the past three months. They foresee weaker growth and higher unemployment than they did before. As a result, the economists think the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates near zero until at least next spring.

This is really bad news for Democrats. As the party in power they get credit or the blame for a bad economy. I don't think the "It could be worse" or "Blame Bush" as a strategy will work for them.

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