Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pot meet Kettle

It seems to be a rule of nature that you will hear the Democrats revile the Republicans for the tone of the TEA Party protests. And the MSM is only too happy to pile on giving those charges plenty of publicity.

"Some protesters were clearly prepared for violence," a news account noted in 2003. "Some demonstrators fired bolts from slingshots, and others slashed the tires of squad cars. Police clearing a mob from Seventh and Mission streets early in the afternoon came away with a haul of pipe wrenches, rocks, and other makeshift weapons . . . .Protesters shut down Market Street and many surrounding intersections and streets off and on throughout the day . . . . Protesters also gathered by the hundreds at several points during the day outside the Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue, where they blockaded entrances and kept employees from entering."

Media accounts back then were rather different, however -- frequently and sympathetically noting that the demonstrations were "largely peaceful" -- "the vast majority of demonstrators were peaceful as they denounced the U.S. war with Iraq," as a typical news story noted -- which is a more pleasant way of saying they were somewhat violent. Contrast that with Time magazine's censorious observation the other day that "ugly signs abounded" at a recent Tea Party event in Nevada. Ugly signs? You've got to be kidding.

Here is a trip down memory lane for those of you who remember that you think there were ugly signs along with those mostly peaceful anti-Bush and anti-war protests:


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