Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is Obama a Good Speaker?

One of the attributes of Barack Obama that appears to be in dispute is his speaking ability.
But this is being questioned more and more. Commentary's Jennifer Rubin noted Sunday:

"The mainstream media is slowly waking up to the fact that Obama is a bore. No, really. He’s long since stopped saying anything new or interesting, and he talks constantly, at great length. "

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Although dubbed "articulate" by the likes of Harry Reid and swooned over by the MSM, many people are having their doubts. It appears to some that without a teleprompter and a set speech, BHO is just as mortal as any of us when it comes to public speaking.
So this week's question is for you to express your opinion. Is President Obama a wonderfully gifted speaker or is he more a great reader of a set speech?

Last week's poll asked people what you thought the President's approval rating would be by next November's election.

74% thought it would be under 40%

19% thought it would be between 40% and 44%

2 % pulled the lever for between 45% and 49%

2% saw it coming in between 50% and 59%

and a single voter saw it coming in over 60%

Now we won't know the right answer until the election but it fun to prognosticate.
I invite you to leave some comments here as well.

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