Saturday, July 14, 2012

The rise of the Bainers

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Story #1 brings us a new group of loons the Bainers.  But these people are working for Obama’s reelection.  Truth and proof doesn’t count with them, but spreading lies is their goal.  #2 looks at the war the left is waging on conventional fuel. 

Today’s Thoughts

Kerry Kennedy, the former spouse of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, was arrested Friday morning and accused of driving under the influence of drugs after she smashed into a tractor trailer in northern Westchester County.  

Which candidate is a felon?  Someone who signed papers which supposedly was a lie (it wasn’t) or someone who snorted Cocaine (and admitted to it in his auto-biography)?   People in glass houses….

The Democratic National Convention Committee announced today that its upcoming Charlotte convention program will be shortened from four days to three days.  I wonder if they will be announcing Barack Obama’s presidency has been shortened from a planned 8 years to a realistic 4 years. 

1.  The Rise of the Bainers

The geniuses at Team Obama are showing their complete ignorance of private enterprise, the law, and the one well vetted part of Mitt Romney’s career — his tenure at Bain Capital.
It is well established that Mitt Romney left Bain to go salvage the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. It is also well established that his name remained on some SEC documents. This stems from winding down his partnership interest in Bain Capital. It is a quirk in the law. It has been well vetted. Even and the Washington Post are unpersuaded by Team Obama’s hyperbole.
Really? A felon? Hey! Let’s accuse Barack Obama of being a foreign born Muslim! There’s about the same validity to both. Meet the Bainers — they are the members of Team Obama demanding proof from Mitt Romney that he is a liar or a felon. Next they’ll ask when he stopped beating his wife.
The Bainers will not take any answer that does not show Romney to be a liar or felon in the same way Birthers will take no answer other than one that shows Barack Obama is not an American citizen. In fact, pointing this out on twitter today I was barraged from both sides that Obama has still never shown his real birth certificate and Mitt Romney has still not shown his tax returns…

Here’s the difference between the Birthers and the Bainers.  The Birthers are not welcomed by Romney or serious Republicans.  The Bainers are integral to Obama’s hopes of winning a second term and are part of his election staff.

2.  The Left’s war on Energy

In an election pivoting on jobs, energy could be the issue that comes back to haunt Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as the cultural and ideological schism between energy-producing Republican states and energy-dependent Democratic ones widens.

As the economy has sputtered since 2008, conventional energy has emerged as one of the few robust sources of high-paying work, adding roughly half a million jobs since 2007 as new technologies and changing market conditions have opened up a vast new supply of exploitable domestic reserves. This is good news for Mitt Romney: nine of the ten states that rely most heavily on the sector for jobs are solidly behind him….

…. Nowhere is the element of choice inherent in energy policy more evident than in California, home to five of the nation’s twelve largest oil fields and energy reserves equal to those of Nigeria, the world’s tenth-largest producer.   As high-paying energy jobs swell payrolls in the Great Plains, the Intermountain West and parts of the Gulf, the Golden State has double-digit unemployment, a collapsed inland economy and a series of bankrupt municipalities. Amidst a great national energy boom, California’s energy production has remained stunted even as the state’s draconian “renewable” energy mandates are slated to drive up its already high electricity rates. The state’s high cost of energy has impacted industry:  despite its vast human and natural resources, the Golden State, with 12 percent of the nation’s population received barely 2 percent of the country’s manufacturing expansions last year.

Such inattention to California’s resources may be popular in wealthy precincts of Silicon Valley, San Francisco and west Los Angeles, but the state’s green approach has helped place traditionally manufacturing-oriented communities such as Oakland, east Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Stockton in deep distress. Despite central California’s vast deposits of oil and gas, unemployment rates in some oil-rich areas there are over 15 and sometimes even 20 percent.

As economic forecaster Bill Watkins recently told an audience in hard-hit Santa Maria: “If you were in Texas, you’d be rich.”…

It appears Obama is looking to turn all of America into California which would be a disaster for the country.  Obama’s policies are hurting everyone in this economy but most significantly it is hurting the poor and minorities. 

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