Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why Newt Put Fear in the Hearts Of Liberals

Newt will fight back
Newt’s Third Law

Isaac Newton's Third Law is familiar to most of us. Simply put: " To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

This week Newt Gingrich showed that the laws of motion are equally applicable to media manipulation to favor Obama or any other Democrat candidate for office. Push him and he'll push right back.

The hint that public sentiment was shifting away from reliance on big government (and those that promoted it) came earlier in the week when Gallup produced a poll showing that American's "satisfaction with the size and power of the federal government is at a record low 29%.

Gallup indicated that this made big government a "highly susceptible " target for politicians this year. How does this fit into the Third Law of Motion? Simple.  The dip in public faith in government I think began when the Democrats instituted the (now risible) charge that Bush's administration was a "culture of corruption." When it became clear to all but the most blinkered that this Administration working with the Pelosi and Reid's Congress was far more corrupt and remains so even with the loss of the House, public confidence in all government plummeted even further …

When your solutions all involve government and making government bigger and more important, it is not good to only have 29% of the people approving of it.  Newt Gingrich has big ideas, but they don’t all involve growing government and that is why he is such a threat to the Democrats. 

I am Newt and Hear Me Roar!

After Thursday's debate was over in Charleston, I assumed that Newt had not only survived the Marianne episode, but had benefitted from it. I also figured he would win S.C. and that Santorum would fade as a challenger to him. Everyone I knew who saw the debate reached this same conclusion.

Yet as incredible as it may seem, all day Friday we were treated to multiple reviews from members of the conservative media on how Rick Santorum "won" the Thursday night debate in Charleston and that how this would help him in South Carolina. Dick Morris flatly proclaimed that Santorum did so well he might sweep in and take second from Newt Gingrich. Morris also predicted this would mean a S.C. win and nomination for Mitt Romney….

….The math is clear. While negative ads can be effective if run in huge numbers -- as in Iowa -- what the voters are craving in the debates and on the stump is someone who can look liberals squarely in the eye and tell them why we are right and they are wrong. The American conservative base has had to put up with being called stupid, racist, greedy and unfair for decades by not only the Democrats but the vast majority of the media. The pent up frustration of these decades is magnified by the fact that George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush and John McCain would not or perhaps could not confront this.

In fact, rare is the Republican candidate at any level who refuses to put up with this and fights back. When they do, they become sensations. Even Chris Christie and Donald Trump -- neither one a real conservative -- earned the love of the Republican base by simply deigning to fight back. Marco Rubio and Allen West are far more popular and well known than they have any right to be simply because they refuse to accept the argument on liberals' terms. They fight. They elicit the roar….

The Conservatives are ready for a fight.  I don’t think the left is prepared for this at all.  That is why they keep saying Romney is the toughest candidate and the one they fear.  That’s because they want him.  Romney is more of a country club Republican who fights by the rules which the Democrats never do.  When they look at Newt Gingrich they realize that when they hit below the belt, Newt will land a haymaker.  The Democrats are scared to death.

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