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It's a Conservative Country

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Our #1 story tells of the latest Gallup Poll on how Americans politically identify themselves.  #2 responds to Michelle Obama’s complaint that the new book The Obama’s shows her as an angry black woman.  #3 also comes from a new book on the Obamas, Operators.  It seems BHO when he isn’t in earshot of the microphones isn’t as nice as he pretends to be.  #4 even though the democrats tell us that voter fraud isn’t a problem it appears supernatural voting is as South Carolina has identified 900 dead people who voted in the last election.  #5 talks about the huge amount of cash on hand that Microsoft has.  #6 takes us over to talk of Tim Tebow.  It appears a lot of Americans think he getting help from the almighty.  And in #7 I pander to all the males with 10 of the hottest conservative women. 

1.   Conservatives Remain Largest Ideological Group

Political ideology in the U.S. held steady in 2011, with 40% of Americans continuing to describe their views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. This marks the third straight year that conservatives have outnumbered moderates, after more than a decade in which moderates mainly tied or outnumbered conservatives. 

No change for the past 18 months.

2.  Michelle Obama:  An Angry Black Woman?

Michelle Obama has recently taken issue with her critics for allegedly perpetuating the idea that she is an "angry black woman." "That's an image people have tried to paint of me, since, you know, Barack announced, that I'm some angry black woman," she told CBS.

"Who can write about how I feel?" she went on. "Who? What third person can tell me how I feel, or anyone, for that matter?"

One does not have to take a leap of faith to believe Mrs. Obama to be an "angry black woman." It is nothing more than a logical conclusion given the evidence she has provided.

"For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of my country."

These are the words of Michelle Obama in 2008, said in response America's energetic reception of Barack Obama. And clearly, they are the words of an angry person. A person who is so undeniably resentful of this nation that has provided her with a path to education and affluence that she can boast only having become proud of it when her husband was considered for the presidency and a fundamental change to its character was embraced.

This resentment stems, at least in part, from her early days of adulthood at Princeton. While there, she produced a thesis that offers little more than derision for the prevalence of "white culture" in American academia and a lamentation that blacks who attend universities (particularly prestigious ones, like Princeton) come to identify more with the "White community" than the "Black community." In a time in history when America sought to destroy once and for all the racial divisions lingering from our roots dating back to the European aristocracies, Michelle Obama harbored too much resentment and anger to commit to the abolition of these dividing lines. Instead, she insisted that measures and studies should be undertaken to "improve the overall quality of college education for Blacks," a suggestion requiring that it be obligatory that the "Black" and "White" communities remain entirely separate notions.

She seems angry while BHO seems bewildered.

3.  The Real Barack Obama

There's another Obama book out - one you probably won't hear much about. It's called "Operators" by Michael Hastings and it evidently contains a lot of stuff like this.

Obama on a visit to Baghdad:  

After the talk, out of earshot from the soldiers and diplomats, he starts to complain. He starts to act very un-Obamalike, according to a U.S. embassy official who helped organize the trip in Baghdad.

He's asked to go out to take a few more pictures with soldiers and embassy staffers. He's asked to sign copies of his book. "He didn't want to take pictures with any more soldiers; he was complaining about it," a State Department official tells me. "Look, I was excited to meet him. I wanted to like him. Let's just say the scales fell from my eyes after I did. These are people over here who've been fighting the war, or working every day for the war effort, and HE DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE FU**ING PICTURES WITH THEM?"…

I’m betting he wanted to go golfing. 

4.  South Carolina:  The State where the even the Dead Vote

State officials are calling for an investigation after records determined that more than 900 people listed as deceased also have recently voted, calling into question the integrity of the state's election system as South Carolina's first-in-the-South GOP presidential primary just 10 days away.

 What's unclear from the analysis released Wednesday to a House Judiciary Committee panel from the state Department of Motor Vehicles is whether voter fraud was committed by people assuming the identities of the deceased or if poor record keeping has resulted in South Carolina residents being classified as deceased.

 Kevin Shwedo, director of the Department of Motor Vehicles, did not have answers, saying that would be up to investigators. He based his testimony before lawmakers on state Election Commission records that included when people last voted and matched that with death records….

Generally when people are declared to be dead, it causes problems for them and they take steps to correct the error. 

5.  Microsoft can’t or won’t bring cash home

…US$54 billion of Apple's overall $82 billion in cash is in offshore accounts, and Apple cannot repatriate that money to the States unless it wants to pay a huge 35 percent corporate tax on it.

If Apple attempted to bring that money into the States, right off the bat through the magic of taxes that $54 billion would transform into $35.1 billion, with the other $18.9 billion disappearing down the federal money hole. With that much cash at stake, it's no wonder that Apple hasn't been in any hurry to repatriate its huge foreign cash reserves.

SeekingAlpha's analysis of Apple's 10Ks shows that Apple's foreign cash and investments are growing far faster than those in the US, and with sales in China continuing to ramp up year after year, that pace is only going to increase….

Hmmm, if Apple brought the cash home and paid taxes on it, Apple could fund government spending for less than 4 hours or use that money and possibly create 180,000 jobs if you figure $100,000 per job. 

6.  Poll Finds 43 Percent Of People Believe God Helps Tebow Win

According to a national telephone survey conducted by Poll Position, 43 percent of people believe that “divine intervention” is responsible for his success compared to 42 percent of people surveyed who think that God has nothing to do with Tebow winning.

Breaking it down into demographics, the Poll Position survey shows that 52 percent of people in the 18- to 29-year-old age range believe that supernatural powers help Tebow, while about 48 percent of people aged between 45-64 believe the same….

I guess if it’s true, the Super Bowl should be the Broncos vs the Saints.

7.  Pandering for readers:  Hottest Conservative Women

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