Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obama and 2012

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Story #1 reviews the logic of Class Warfare to see if it makes sense.  #2 shows the gap between those who want to repeal Obamacare and those that want to keep it at 20%.  #3 a member of OWS Boston discovers that OWS Boston has become fascist.  #4 tells us of the new reality Obama and the Democrats face in 2012.  And finally #5 tells us of the new reality we all will face if Obama gets a second term.

1.  Does Class Warfare Make Sense?

P.J. O'Rourke: The "Occupy This, That and the Other Place" people are right about the sins of the financial system and right about the evil of government supporting and subsidizing this malfeasance. IT'S NOT FAIR THAT 1 PERCENT OF AMERICANS ARE ROLLING IN DOUGH while the rest of us are scrimping to pay for our Internet connection so we can go on Groupon.

But the Occupiers are wrong about something much more important. THEY BELIEVE IN THE ZERO SUM FALLACY -- THE IDEA THAT THERE IS A FIXED AMOUNT OF THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE. ANYTHING I GET, I'M TAKING FROM YOU. If I have too many slices of pizza, you have to eat the Dominos box. The Zero Sum Fallacy is a bad idea -- dangerous to economics, politics, and world peace. It means any time we want good things we have to fight with each other to get them. We don't. WE CAN MAKE MORE GOOD THINGS. We can make more pizza -- or more tofu, windmills and solar panels, if you like.


….THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE ARE REMARKABLY EXPANDABLE, but it's ordinary people who expand them. Look at China, look at India. Yes, it's upsetting that some people have so much while other people have so little. It isn't fair. But I accept this unfairness. Indeed, I treasure it. That's because I HAVE A 13-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER AND THAT'S ALL I HEAR, "THAT'S NOT FAIR," she says. "That's not fair! That's not fair!" And one day I snapped, and I said, "HONEY, YOU'RE CUTE, THAT'S NOT FAIR. YOUR FAMILY IS PRETTY WELL OFF, THAT'S NOT FAIR. YOU WERE BORN IN AMERICA, THAT'S NOT FAIR. Darling, you had better get down on your knees and pray that things don't start getting fair for you."


If we look not simply at the USA, but at the world, 38,000 USD per year puts us in the 1%.  I’m not sure how many Americans would want to go out and protest themselves as being in the rich 1%. 


2.   55% Favor Repeal of Obamacare

Most voters still want to repeal the national health care law, even though they tend to believe the law won’t force them to change their own health insurance coverage.

THE LATEST RASMUSSEN REPORTS NATIONAL TELEPHONE SURVEY SHOWS THAT 55% OF LIKELY U.S. VOTERS at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law passed by Congress in March 2010, WHILE 35% AT LEAST SOMEWHAT OPPOSE REPEAL. The intensity remains on the side of the law’s opponents since these findings include 42% who Strongly Favor repeal versus 26% who are Strongly Opposed….


The numbers bounce around a bit, but since August, the numbers have shown about a 20% majority for repealing the law.  So much for Nancy Pelosi’s prediction that once the American public found out what was in it, they would support it. 

3.  Boston OWS Participants “The Occupy Boston Movement as a whole became Fascist”

Dispirited Occupy member Stephen Campbell, 24, said when asked why he didn’t get arrested, HE SAID HE WITHDREW FROM THE CAMP EARLY TODAY AS THE END WAS CLEARLY IN SIGHT.”THE OCCUPY BOSTON MOVEMENT AS A WHOLE BECAME FASCIST,” he said, adding he still believes in the Occupy idea but not the organization. “At a general assembly this week we spent four hours trying to evict people rather than focusing on our political causes. ”He went on to say the general assembly betrayed the movement, so he left the Dewey Square encampment before he got arrested. He also told the Herald’s Dan O’Brien that Boston police were the smartest in the nation by coaxing occupiers out. “They got Occupy Boston to leave, themselves.”  


What he didn’t realize is that OWS is a fascist movement from the very beginning.

4.  Obama faces New Reality in 2012


Republican voters also are more attentive to the campaign, more enthusiastic about the election and more convinced that the outcome matters.

The contrasting conditions of the nation's two major political parties — discouraged Democrats and resurgent Republicans — underscore how different Obama's re-election campaign is from the contest four years ago.

Consider the math: In 2008, when Obama carried the swing states by 8 percentage points, Democrats there swamped Republicans in party identification by 11 points. Now, that partisan edge has tightened to a statistically insignificant 2 points.


Obama is in trouble.  As Dick Morris likes to say about undecided voters, it’s as if someone asked you if you’d marry your spouse again and you said, “I’m undecided on that.”  It’s not a very good sign for the incumbent.


The Voters Face a New Obama Reality In The Coming Years

Every Obama speech is fraught with lies and half-truths. He relies on his belief in the ignorance of his audience, and that Americans are too lazy and soft to recognize his dishonesty. When your record is abysmal, you can't tell the truth.

OBAMA, HASN'T A CLUE ON HOW TO FIX THE ECONOMY. Instead, without ideas, he copied Teddy Roosevelt's 100-year-old speech in Osawatomie. With Barack Obama, it's always yesterday's answers to today's problems...and this is the man they told us was a genius. The president maintains that the rich get richer by making everyone poorer. Ah...BITTERNESS AND ENVY, THE ILLEGITIMATE STEPCHILDREN OF HOPE AND CHANGE.

THE FIX, OF COURSE, IS HIGHER TAXES, but when the taxes to pay for ObamaCare go into effect in 2013 and the Bush Tax cuts expire, EVERYONE'S TAXES WILL INCREASE -- NOT JUST THE HIGHEST INCOME BRACKETS. People in the top 1%, while earning 17% of the nation's income, already pay almost 40% of all taxes and are scheduled for an almost 20% rise even before the president's proposed increases.

The tax on capital gains will rise by 33%. This is a tax on the sale of assets purchased with after-tax income and held for a specific period of time. A lower rate promotes long-term investment; economists understand this, and every time the rate has been cut, revenues have increased. Yet BARACK OBAMA WOULD RAISE THE RATE IN THE INTEREST OF FAIRNESS. The nation doesn't need investment; that would just provide jobs, and the country doesn't need jobs. Besides, a higher rate on investment income makes a good slogan, and it "fits well on a bumper sticker….”  


You can’t argue with a liberal Democrat.  They have their dogma and facts do not effect someone who believes.

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