Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thoughts the Day after the election

Maybe it isn't astroturf
Obama vs Mandela

A lot of lefties are looking at what happened and wondering if they might have been better off with Hillary rather than BHO. The general conclusion seems to be “No, with the double whammy of the wars and the economic meltdown, not he or anyone else could have done better.”

But this past weekend I watched the movie INVICTUS. It’s the story of Nelson Mandela and the South African Rugby team. What really hits you in the movie IS HOW FOCUSED MANDELA WAS ON RECONCILIATION BETWEEN THE BLACK MAJORITY AND THE WHITE MINORITY.

Imagine if Obama who came into office with the promise of doing something like that for America had actually done it? Mandela could easily have focused on getting revenge on the people who locked him away for over 20 years. He could have ignored the white minority saying “I won” when they complained. He could have ripped the fragile country apart, but instead he did just the opposite.

Rather than focusing so much energy on Healthcare, cap and trade, etc. IF OBAMA HAD FOCUSED ON RECONCILIATION AND THE ECONOMY, TODAY WE MIGHT BE LOOKING AT A MUCH DIFFERENT ELECTION RESULTS. If Obama had gone beyond his ideological desires and put the American people first, he might have put Democrats in the position of controlling the congress for at least the next decade.

Best slogan during the election

But Mark Grannis, the Libertarian Party's congressional candidate, deserves many votes of gratitude for his slogan, the year's best:


Favorite line by a commentator

My favorite comment by a columnist was PJ O’Rourke’s


Most deserved election defeat

ALAN GRAYSON IN ORLANDO FLORIDA. Grayson was an obnoxious bomb thrower. His falsification of what his opponent said makes him the hands down winner in this category as he deserved to be defeated. I wonder what was wrong with the 38% of Floridians who actually voted for him.

Most deserved election defeat who was reelected

I’LL POSIT THAT TO BE BARNEY FRANK. Frank was one of the main culprits in the economic crisis we are in by both pushing Fannie and Freddie to make more subprime loans and defending them from more regulation as people tried to rein them in.

Most likely Senator to become a Republican

BEN NELSON OF NEBRASKA. He’ll be facing the voters’ wrath in 2012. I think he’d rather face a Democrat than a Republican as his opponent. And he gets that only by becoming the Republican.

Most flexible Politician in this election

THIS HAS TO GO TO CHARLIE CRIST. Couldn’t get the Republican nomination so he ran as an independent. That wasn’t working out well so he offered to caucus with the Democrats if his Democrat opponent withdrew from the race and endorsed him. His political career is over and it should be.

Favorite response to AOL’s video “Why are you going to vote?”

“I’m not going to vote, I’m going to pray. I GET BETTER RESULTS WITH PRAYER.”

Stupidest things the Republicans could do


Second stupidest thing the Republicans could do


Stupidest things the Democrats could do

Decide that the reason they lost the election was that THEY WEREN’T FAR ENOUGH TO THE LEFT

Second stupidest things the Democrats could do

THINK KEEPING THE SENATE MEANT THE VOTERS DIDN’T REALLY REJECT THEM AND THEIR AGENDA.  In fact, the Repubilicans won over 63% of the Senate seats that were up for reelection this time.  This is bigger than the victory in the House. 

Least talked about issue that affected the election

THE OIL SPILL IN THE GULF. This incident showed the Obama Administration at its worst. From an almost non-existent response at first, to stopping all gulf drill, to defying a court order to allow the drilling to finally allowing the drilling after the oil companies had already gone elsewhere. I think that is was after the spill that Obama became not simply human, but a very flawed human.

Answer to Curtis Sittenfeld of Slate’s question “Am I the last person in America who still adores President Obama?”


Is Obama really a Keynesian?

SOME PEOPLE THINK YOU’RE A RACIST IF YOU THINK SO. Here’s what they said at John Stewart’s march.

Best comment on a story on the internet

Even after the Democrats lose 60+ seats, Obama will claim he saved or created at least 10 Democrat victories.

Biggest upset

I’m going to say Harry Reid’s SURVIVAL.  Even though it was neck and neck, I think you either thought he was going to lose or felt like he deserved to lose.

Best Candidate

I’m going to nominate KRISTI NOEM OF SOUTH DAKOTA.  Here is another Sarah Palin type of Republican who hunts, ranches, raises Angus cattle and also shows Quarter Horses. She is a wife and mother of three kids and is just another Republican woman sticking to her principles, making her own way in life without government aid.

Biggest threat to the other party

MARCO RUBIO who has good looks, a Hispanic heritage, is a gifted speaker and keeps a positive attitude and a positive message in his race to the Senate this year. He in short is A DEMOCRAT NIGHTMARE.

Barack Obama and E.J. Dionne, then and now

E. J. Dionne, “A New Era for America,” November 5, 2008: “

E. J. Dionne, “No Final Victories,” November 1, 2010:

“Barack Obama’s sweeping electoral victory CANNOT BE DISMISSED MERELY AS A POPULAR REACTION TO AN ECONOMIC CRISIS or as a verdict on an unpopular president

“Much of the post-election analysis will focus on ideology, on WHETHER OBAMA MOVED ‘TOO FAR LEFT’ and embraced too much ‘big government.’

In choosing Obama and a strongly Democratic Congress, the country PUT A DEFINITIVE END TO A CONSERVATIVE ERA


Since the Nixon era, conservatives have CLAIMED TO SPEAK FOR THE ‘SILENT MAJORITY.’ OBAMA REPRESENTS THE FUTURE MAJORITY. T]he [economic] crisis affords [Obama] an opportunity granted few presidents to RESHAPE THE COUNTRY’S ASSUMPTIONS, CHANGE THE TERMS OF DEBATE AND TRANSFORM OUR POLITICS.”

It will also pretend that an anxiety rooted in legitimate worry about THE COUNTRY’S LONG-TERM ECONOMIC FUTURE IS THE RESULT OF DOCTRINE RATHER THAN EXPERIENCE

The classic middle-ground voter who will swing this election — moderate, independent, suburban — HAS ALWAYS BEEN SUSPICIOUS OF DOGMATIC PROMISES THAT CERTAIN BIG IDEAS WOULD GIVE BIRTH TO A UTOPIAN AGE.”

It’s amazing how much difference two years makes. Dionne saw only hope and change in 2008 while today he looks for excuses and reasons.

Guess Who?

By Thomas Sowell

Guess who said the following: "WE HAVE TRIED SPENDING MONEY. WE ARE SPENDING MORE THAN WE HAVE EVER SPENT BEFORE AND IT DOES NOT WORK." Was it Sarah Palin? Rush Limbaugh? Karl Rove?

Not even close. It was Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury under Franklin D. Roosevelt and one of FDR's closest advisers. He added, "AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF THIS ADMINISTRATION WE HAVE JUST AS MUCH UNEMPLOYMENT AS WHEN WE STARTED. . . AND AN ENORMOUS DEBT TO BOOT!"

This is just one of the remarkable and eye-opening facts in a must-read book titled "New Deal or Raw Deal?" by Professor Burton W. Folsom, Jr., of Hillsdale College.

Ordinarily, what happened in the 1930s might be something to be left for historians to be concerned about. But the very same kinds of policies that were tried-- and failed-- during the 1930s are being carried out in Washington today, with the advocates of such policies often invoking FDR's New Deal as a model.

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT BLAMED THE COUNTRY'S WOES ON THE PROBLEMS HE INHERITED FROM HIS PREDECESSOR, much as Barack Obama does today. But unemployment was 20 percent in the spring of 1939, six long years after Herbert Hoover had left the White House.

A Brit looks to the USA and the TEA Party for comfort

God how I WISH I WERE AMERICAN RIGHT NOW. In the US they may not have the Cairngorms, the River Wye, cream teas, University Challenge, Cotswold villages or decent curries. But THEY DO STILL UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLES OF “DON’T TREAD ON ME” AND “LIVE FREE OR DIE.” Not all of them, obviously – otherwise a socialist like Barack Obama would never have got into power. But enough of them to understand that in the last 80 or more years – and not just in the US but throughout the Western world – GOVERNMENT HAS FORGOTTEN ITS PURPOSE. It has now grown so arrogant and swollen as to believe its job is to shape and improve and generally interfere with our lives. And it’s not. Government’s job is to act as our humble servant.

That’s why today I say: “THANK GOD FOR THE TEA PARTY!” Though it has been typically misrepresented by the liberal media as a rattlers’ nest of gun-toting fruitcakes who want to ban masturbation and abortion, it is, of course, nothing of the kind. It is – whatever the increasingly redundant Moonbat may claim – a genuine grass roots movement inspired by the one great political cause truly worth fighting and dying for: THE CAUSE OF LIBERTY.

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