Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sarah Palin and other scary things to the Democrats

Sarah Palin seems to really scare Democrats
Sarah Palin

Finally... I am getting more and more convinced that SARAH PALIN GETS THIS COUNTRY. She has a hell of a grasp on how we're changing and going societally (and not just politically), and she's riding the hell out of it.

She has seen the way that American society is changing, and she's on that wave. Old-style media, old-style politics, old-style everything -- she's got a foot in that world.

On the other hand, SHE'S SEEING THE WAY THINGS ARE DEVELOPING, AND SHE'S EMBRACING THAT, TOO -- in her own way. Social media is becoming the new thing, and she's the biggest political figure on Twitter and Facebook. Now she's taking over reality TV, but in her own way -- family-friendly and wholesome.

This is a woman who intends to make her mark on this nation. She might run for president, or she might not -- it depends on whether or not she decides if the presidency is part of the "old" ways, or if she can achieve more by other means.



I like Sarah Palin. I don’t fear her and worry that she might become President of the US. She certainly would be better than the current occupant of that office. She’s smart and has common sense.

Jimmy Carter Redux

I remember reading similar stories when Jimmy Carter was in office. It seems the job may be too big for one man, if you pick a weak and incompetent person for the office.

The presidency has grown, and grown and grown, into the most powerful, most impossible job in the world.

In 1936 Franklin Roosevelt felt overwhelmed. The New Deal had begun to spawn dozens of new agencies, and Roosevelt, fearful of the fragmentation of the executive branch, asked for help. The Brownlow Committee, an independent panel tasked with finding a new model of White House management, proposed offering the president some personal staff. “They would remain in the background, issue no orders, make no decisions, emit no public statements,” the committee explained in a report responding to public skepticism about growing the size of government. Over the next two years, Roosevelt recruited six trusted aides.

Nowadays, six aides is roughly the number Barack Obama has to handle incoming mail—a small fraction of the 469 employees who work in the White House Office and councils for domestic and economic policy, the core staff of the presidency


The Winter Of Democrat Discontent

Disarray among the Democrats? Of course, but we need to wait and see if they pull it together in the next few months.

AN INCREASING NUMBER OF DEMOCRATS ARE EXPRESSING UNHAPPINESS WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA. The President likes to talk about “jobs saved or created,” but he lost or destroyed a remarkable number of Democrat jobs in the House of Representatives this fall.

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill had to duck a WARNING SHOT FROM THE CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS over the weekend, as the top candidate for leadership of the Caucus warned her not to express disloyalty to the unpopular President. “ANY ATTEMPT TO EXTRICATE HERSELF FROM HIM WILL BE AN ACT OF DISLOYALTY,” Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) told the McClatchy news service. “She will not do that at all.” Context would suggest the latter comment was more of a threat than a prediction.

McCaskill holds one of the Senate seats from Missouri, and just watched Republican Roy Blunt make himself comfortable in the other one. Blunt won a commanding victory in the midterm elections. McCaskill is up for re-election in 2012, and facing an electoral map that looks even worse for Democrats than 2010 did. The Hill points out that she’s taken some “maverick” positions in the past, including a push for caps on discretionary spending, and support for earmark reform – something most Democrats had little interest in until recently, when Republicans began pushing to wipe them out altogether.

Cleaver’s warning to McCaskill is remarkable, considering SHE HASN’T BEEN A PARTICULARLY OUTSPOKEN CRITIC OF THE PRESIDENT.


Fetal Testosterone Exposure Boosts Male Risk Taking

Testosterone before birth make men take greater risks in all aspects of life.

Montreal November 9, 2010 – Potential investors might wish to examine the fingers of their financial advisor prior to signing over any savings. A new study from Concordia University has found THE LENGTH BETWEEN THE SECOND AND FOURTH FINGER IS AN INDICATOR OF HIGH LEVELS OF PRENATAL TESTOSTERONE, RISK-TAKING AND POTENTIAL FINANCIAL SUCCESS IN MEN. The findings, published in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences, suggest that alpha males may take greater risks in relationships, on the squash court and in the financial market.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger (the finger you use to point at things) then you were exposed to more testosterone. I bet most female CEOs have long ring fingers. Ditto for Wall Street traders and male CEOs for that


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