Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What we need

After watching the State of the Union address, I was reminded of an old story I'd heard.

There was a two men who were trying to start up a business. They had a pick up truck so they went into the countryside and bought fresh strawberries from the farmers for 40 cents a pound and then took them into the city and sold them for 40 cents a pound.

After doing this for a couple of weeks, the one man said to his partner, "We've been doing this for a while and we haven't made much money. Do you have any ideas what we can do to make more money?"

The second man thought for a few minutes and then responded, "I think we need a bigger truck."

Today we saw the President of the United States tell us all we need a bigger truck for his agenda. He didn't come up with anything new. He did tell us how we were going to be successful when we got a bigger truck. He just told us keep on truckin.

If I were a Democrat, I think I might be looking for a little better strategy than what I heard here tonight.

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