Friday, January 29, 2010

Alice in Democratland

The more I hear from the Obama Administration, the more I feel like Alice when she found herself in Wonderland. It's a place where nothing seems normal.

The Obama Administration, after a year of protests, of anger from the populace, finally admits they were wrong. They promised change and "they just didn't do it fast enough."

  • Somehow they take the lost of three major offices (two governorships and a Senate seat) as a sign the people really liked what they were doing, but they thought they were just taking too long to do it.

  • Somehow electing a Senator who campaigned against the President's healthcare reform calling himself number 41, was a "double secret message" sent by the voters that they really wanted that reform, only they wanted it done faster!

  • Somehow, this administration has taken a clear sign that people were unhappy with the direction and the cost of going in that direction as a message of people being unhappy with the amount of time it was taking to get there.

This isn't simply a question of people rationalizing things to themselves. This is a case of a political party in fundamental denial.

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