Monday, February 20, 2012

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Our #1 story tells the story of a mom charged with child endangerment.  #2 has Lawrence O’Donnell claiming things that reviewing fails to substantiate. 

1.  Parenting Is Now Child Abuse

A bratty 10-year-old got suspended for the fifth time from riding the bus and his mom punished him -- not by giving him a car ride to school, no punishment at all -- but by making him hoof it to school 4.5 miles. I say good for her -- consequences equal incentive to change behavior.

Actually, bad for her because she's now considered a child abuser. Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben writes on

As per ABC News, Mom was charged with child endangerment and faces one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Let's unwrap the child abuse charges. KAIT says walk to school was longish (4.5 miles). A compassionate, public-spirited (or nosy, bored) bank security guard spotted the lad trudging to school and called the police. The tween boy implored the officer, "Please sir, don't take me home or my mother will beat me." So very Dickensian.

It was also coldish, 30 degrees, though in my home state of Michigan, that's a balmy spring breeze. Kids walk daily through cold and snow in our area. Stores also sell inclement weather apparel in kids' sizes, (Nequavion was wearing such a garment). Anyway, the concern wasn't weather as much as stranger danger or injury, said officer Lyle Waterworth. He encourages other helpful citizens to call the police when they see kids walking alone….

Hmmm, is a child walking alone child abuse?  I think it is in the nanny state of the liberal establishment.  But is driving the kid to school or having them take the bus when they are overweight also child abuse?   Makes you wonder.

2.  Lean Forward ad most false

Lawrence O’Donnell’s new “Lean Forward” ad for MSNBC takes on the GI bill passed during World War II to take care of soliders returning home from war. In the promo, O’Donnell described the bill as “the most successful educational program that we’ve ever had in this country” even though its opponents referred to it as welfare. But according to Politifact, that statement is not accurate….

I find that many of the “facts” that the left puts forward aren’t really facts, but wishful thinking by the left.  In this case saying that opponents of the GI Bill called it welfare is simply nonsense.

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